Building Up or Building Out: Framing the Home Addition

Building Up or Building Out: Framing the Home Addition

Have you outgrown your home but love the location? Or do you need more space to raise your family? If you are wondering how to capture more space, you might have visions of building out or up. Both options will have their pros and cons. So, you need to explore the situations and pick an option that suits the current as well as the future scenario. 

Building up: What you need to know

Suppose you do not have the option or zoning approval to build out. Chances are that you will get approval for building up. Building another storey may make your home more valuable. For instance, the upper floor will have better lighting conditions than the floor below. Moreover, you get the option of moving your living space to the upper floor and enjoying the stunning view from the windows. Now isn’t that great? While you get more space within the house, the views you capture add zeal to living. If you want to take your home to the next level, talk to custom house builders to see. If it is indeed a solution you need to look forward to for additional living space above your single-storey home. 

Pros of Building up:

Whether it is a home addition or a new house, here are the pros of building up or having a two-storey house. Here is what you need to know.

  • Less foundation and roofing materials

The biggest advantage of building up stems from the fact that you will require only half as much of the foundation and roofing materials. Roofing and foundation are two of the major expenses that homeowners need to pull up, so it makes sense to build a two-storey home. 

  • Less space and more energy-efficient 

If you build your house in a small lot, which is suitable for one lot, you may only have a house of a specific size. So, if you build up, you may conserve more yard space and may get more square footage to accommodate into the same lot. Discuss your plan with a Kelowna contractor and know how to add more space to your home. 

  • Energy-efficient home

When you build up, you cut down on the building envelope to a great extent and save money for heating and cooling your home. Now that is quite advantageous considering the money you need to pay towards heating and cooling throughout the year.

  • Get more privacy and enjoy stunning views

If your house is in a suburban neighbourhood, you must be aware that a two-storey home offers the highest level of privacy in the bedrooms. You will have your individual space carved out and relax in your den. Further to that the upper storey structure overlooks the garden or whatever scenic your house has in its surroundings. 

  • Reduce the plumbing, wiring, and the HVAC cost

The plumbing, electrical, and HVAC lines need not travel a long distance for establishing the connection, so you pay less than the other homes. 

  • More outdoor space and exterior appearance 

The two-storey homes are excellent to give your yard space a boost. Naturally, you will enjoy more space outdoors. What’s more, you can try to accentuate the exterior with stylish elements like dormers and porches. Bellamy Homes is one of the award-winning custom house builders to select for custom additions. The experts are into the custom home building since 1998 and offer more meaningful insights on whether to pick building up or out.

Cons of building up

Even though a vast majority of homeowners hire custom home builders for adding another storey to the house. It will have its share of challenges. For instance, you may have to destroy some walls on the floors below and interfere with the foundation to check whether it is fit enough to meet the requirement of the structural addition. Apart from this, you may have to find a place for the staircase. However, if you love your present neighbourhood, building up may make a lot of sense. 

Would you like to try building out?

Building out may mean that you can avoid touching on major portions of your home as the structure you will construct will stay out of the rest of the home. Overall, it is a much easier option than adding up. You need not choose a spot for the staircase. Building out is appropriate for an old house as it may create an opportunity to have space for a larger kitchen or a family room without disturbing the structure of the living and dining spaces. 

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Cons of building out

If you focus on building out and already planning with the custom house builders. The first consequence you will face is a small yard space. Moreover, you need to decide how to reform the look of the exterior compared to the look of the original home. Additionally, you have to go about building a foundation, floor, and roof. Does Building out sound cheaper? Well, you may not get a guarantee keeping in mind the associated costs. 

Any home addition needs to suit the structure of your home. You can stock your plans for now and choose a solution that is customised to your location and budget. More importantly, the decision to building up or building out needs to factor in the family’s requirements. Before you move ahead with your choice.

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