How Can Just Sold Postcards Help in Real Estate Listings?

How Can Just Sold Postcards Help in Real Estate Listings?

Real estate experts know how vital it is to obtain new listings. One can earn more money if one has numerous listings. Trying to send out postcards is one approach to getting the latest offers.

With the help of these postcards for just sold listings, you can inform prospective customers that you previously sold a house nearby and ask them to contact you if they would consider selling their home.

Meaning of Just-sold Postcards

Meaning of Just-sold Postcards

Real estate brokers who utilize direct response to create leads frequently employ recently sold postcards. The idea is straightforward: after effectively closing a sale in a specific region, the agent mails postcards to every residential area.

Since most recipients won’t be planning to sell their properties real soon, some critics claim that they are an unnecessary expense. However, it is not true, and there is more to it. 

Importance of Just-Sold Postcards

Importance of Just-Sold Postcards

Enhanced Call to Action

Include a promise on your postcard to assist others through their estate requirements. Utilize the Just Sold postcard to encourage and draw in future postings by adding a brief CTA sentence at the bottom that offers your aid to any sellers and purchasers in the specific property area. Put something like, “If you are selling your house or trying to obtain it, you would be happy to work alongside the client. Make contact! You could also take a new method and provide a “Not For Sale” free market study to assist them in assessing the worth of their house and establishing a connection.

Rapid Final Sales

Most people will only invest in a few homes because they are a significant investment. Therefore, it makes sense to wish to make sure you obtain the best price for your property whenever the moment arises to sell.

From the state of the house to the health of the neighborhood real estate market, several variables might influence the eventual sale value of a property. Nevertheless, the most crucial element is how effectively the property is promoted.

A seasoned estate agent will know the best ways to advertise your house to draw in buyers and generate interest. Additionally, they will be able to offer pricing guidance, assisting you in finding the ideal mix between luring customers and boosting your revenues.


Even though there aren’t any sales or purchases being made right now, prospective clients can see that you are active and successful upon seeing the customized just-listed postcards. That’s a picture you should always share with your mailing list. Additionally, you’ll raise the likelihood that others will spread the word about your knowledge, and as you are aware, word-of-mouth advertising is essential to an agent’s success.

Boost of Success

Postcards for just-sold listings will help you increase brand recognition and introduce fresh leads. In addition, prospective buyers will welcome another option, other agents will display your offering to their clients, and sellers who aren’t sure whether to list with you may be persuaded by how you promote this listing.

Using automated services that handle the work—including mailing—for you, targeted advertising via Just Listed mailings is now easier than ever. So it’s essential to take advantage of this chance to grow your referral business and eliminate the tedious task of finding fresh leads.

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Agents can demonstrate that they know the market conditions and are working hard to help their clients buy or sell a property by presenting details of previous sales. They can also be a fantastic technique for creating new leads. In addition, agents can entice readers to get in touch with them for more details about buying or selling a home by placing a CTA on the postcard.

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