Unlock Bedroom Door Without Key

How to Unlock Bedroom Door Without Key

Have you ever been locked out of your bedroom? It can be an embarrassing situation, to say the least. But you must know how to handle it properly to protect your safety. While you might not have another set of keys on hand, you don’t need them if you know how to unlock a door without a key. Whether it’s your own or somebody else’s! Find out what you need to do now by reading this article on how to unlock the bedroom door without a key.

Using A Drill

Using A Drill Unlock a Door

If you’re locked out of your bedroom and don’t have a key, don’t worry. You may be able to get back in by using a drill or similar power tool. Drill into lock cylinder: If you can reach your doorknob from outside of your house and there is a room above it. Try drilling through it with a drill. The force of impact should open up your door, but be careful not to damage any surrounding materials with fragments or flying debris.

Using A Card

Using A Card to Unlock a Door

You can use a card to unlock your bedroom door if you do not have a key. The simplest way is simply by inserting your card between the door and its frame into your bedroom door’s lock. Bend it slightly until you feel something snap in place. If you hear a pop, give it another try; if not, get back out your straightening tool and see if you can bend it just a little bit more. Do not insert too many cards or it will get stuck. however. Try inserting some different thicknesses until you find what works best in opening your door without damaging anything else

Using A Knife

Using A Knife to Unlock the  Door

To unlock a door with a knife, insert it into the keyhole, then use it as a lever. Move it side-to-side to remove debris and prevent damage to your lock. Then turn it counterclockwise and clockwise until you feel resistance. Finally, give one last push down on it, lifting slightly as you do so. Your bedroom door should now be unlocked!

Pin By Pin Method

Pin By Pin Method to Unlock Door

For bedroom doors with a lock only but no keyhole, try sticking a small pin into its little hole. You might have to jiggle it around until you hear a click. This method is also effective on other interior doors that don’t have keyholes.

Removing Hinges

Removing Hinges to Unlock Door

Removing hinges from a bedroom door is a great way to gain access to a room without having a key. Though it may take some time, removing these hinges can be done without being noticed and without requiring any special tools. Use a screwdriver or knife as you follow these steps

1. Open your door all the way, then lift it on one side of your hinge until it comes off completely. Repeat with another hinge on that side of your door. This will leave two holes in your door where each hinge was attached. 

2. On one side of your doorway, measure how far down into that hole. You need to go for your screwdriver or knife blade to fit inside comfortably and reach behind your doorknob plate. Mark that measurement on your door with a pencil. Then use a drill bit slightly smaller than your screwdriver or knife blade to drill a hole at that spot. Repeat on another side of the door as well. 

3. Place screws through each drilled hole and tighten them into place using an Allen wrench (the same tool used for adjusting bike pedals). You may want to put some wood glue over these screws before tightening them in place so they don’t loosen over time from regular use of opening and closing your door.

4. Reattach hinges on both sides of your door, then test out how well you can open it without a key by turning your doorknob and pushing inward with a screwdriver or knife blade at the same time. If you find that it still doesn’t open easily, repeat steps 1-3 until you have a snug fit around your doorknob plate.

5. Once you can open your door with ease, all that’s left is to remove any visible signs of tampering.

Using A Screwdriver

Using A Screwdriver to Unlock Door

How to Unlock Bedroom Door Without Key. If you don’t have a spare bedroom key, you can still get back into your room by using a screwdriver. First, you’ll need to remove your door’s deadbolt. You can do so by inserting a screwdriver into one of its slots and turning it counterclockwise until it comes off. Then, use your screwdriver to push in on each of your door’s hinges until they release from their housing on either side of your door frame

Lock Picking

Sure, lock picking might seem like a trick used by spies and criminals, but it’s just as useful for non-criminals looking to unlock a door. It can be incredibly helpful if you get locked out of your house—or anywhere else that uses a key lock. Plus, it’s easier than you think: All you need is a paperclip or bobby pin and some practice. Here are some tips on how to do it yourself Forget those traditional locking mechanisms, whether they’re digital locks, combination locks, or key locks. The most basic type of lock is one of the easiest to pick. That’s because all you have to do is manipulate its pins so they’ll fit into their holes differently. If you’re serious about mastering lock picking, there are lots of great tutorials online (such as these from Instructables).

Remove Lock Ring

Remove Lock Ring to Unlock  Door

If you are locked out of your room and only have a key ring with you, don’t fret. Just remove one of your keyrings and insert it into each hole in order on the door lock. The interior pins will move up and down with ease while they engage in different holes. When they reach their corresponding slots, simply turn your key from either direction to unlock and open your door.

Key Bumping

How to Unlock Bedroom Door Without Key. Bump keys (sometimes called kubs) are specially designed devices that can open most locks. They’re a bit like skeleton keys, but with two added features: bumping nodes and lock-specific design. The first feature—bumping nodes—is what makes these devices so special. These small protrusions fit into specific parts of your lock, which allows you to turn them without having to manipulate any other part of your key. This is why they’re able to open even deadbolts. Lock-specific designs ensure that they only work on certain types of locks.

Paperclip Hack

Paperclip Hack to Unlock door

If you don’t have a spare key, there’s no need to panic! You can still open your door with a paperclip. First, try sliding it in gently from both directions; if that doesn’t work try bending one end of it into a hook shape and use that hook to catch around one of your keyholes catches. This may take some time but will be well worth it in case of an emergency

Using Bobby Pins

Using a bobby pin is by far one of the most efficient ways to unlock your bedroom door. Just follow these instructions for how to unlock a door with a bobby pin. Read through them and memorize them, so you can retrieve your locked-up key when you need it. That way, you’ll never have to pay for a locksmith again.

1. Take two bobby pins (or more if needed) and place them on top of each other in an X shape. The pins should be crossed in a diagonal pattern, making sure that they are close enough together to touch but not overlap. If they do overlap, take another pair of pins and place those underneath the first two to create an X shape once again.

2. Use a screwdriver or butter knife to bend down one end of each bobby pin until it’s at about a 45-degree angle from its original position.

3. Insert both ends into your lock at once and jiggle until you hear a click or feel resistance from inside the lock.

4. Try turning your key; if it doesn’t work, try bending down one end of each bobby pin slightly further than before and repeat step three.

5. Once you’re able to turn your key, remove all four bobby pins from your lock immediately and try turning your key again just to make sure everything works properly.

6. Once unlocked, remove all bobby pins completely from your lock.

Door Kicking

Many people have lost their keys and found themselves stuck in their house or apartment. If you do find yourself without a key, don’t panic. Instead, kick your door open by stepping back and kicking with all your might right below or around where you think your lock is. You should be able to kick that door right open and get back in your house or apartment!

Hammer Smashing

In case of emergency when you are locked out of your bedroom and don’t have a key, use a hammer. The trick is to create a small hole in your bedroom door large enough for your arm and small hand to fit through.

Take your time and be careful with each step because depending on how sturdy your door is. You may need to do some more work after making an opening big enough for your arm. Insert one end of a long piece of wood or metal into the hole. Then insert another piece at right angles to it so that they cross each other where they meet inside. Use your hammer to hit these two pieces of wood until they break apart and can be removed from your door. This will leave you with an opening large enough for your arm and hand to reach through so that you can unlock your bedroom door from inside!

Brute Force

Sometimes, brute force is your best friend. If you can’t locate your key, use a screwdriver or pry bar as a lever and wedge it under one of the door hinges to pop it open. Just be careful not to damage any part of your bedroom door or frame in doing so. To avoid getting into a situation where you have no other option. But to try breaking in with physical force. Be sure to lock up before leaving home—even if it’s just for a moment


A lot of people might not realize it. But there are times in your life when a standard key is simply not enough. For instance, if you find yourself locked out of your bedroom after a long night at work or out on an errand, trying to get back inside could prove difficult without any other keys on hand. Luckily, however, there are ways you can easily open any locked door using items you probably already have lying around your home. In this blog post, we are learning how to unlock the bedroom door without any key at all. More

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