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Top Four Reasons to Store Wine on Its Side

If you have already started shopping for a home wine cellar or come across shops displaying the bottles upright, you have got to get your facts right. Do the bottles need to stand upright? Or should they lie horizontally? Are you sure how to design a cellar where the bottles will age gracefully? Store wine the bottles horizontally is one of the biggest mistakes to make. Do you know why? Wine and oxygen are arch rivals and friends to a certain extent.So, when oxygen reacts with the chemicals in the wine to change the flavor compounds, aging takes place gracefully. But oxygen may also react with the alcohol content of the wine to form vinegar and acetic acid. So, too much exposure to oxygen may ruin your collections. That is why you need to know why to keep the bottles on the side. 

Wines ageappropriately when the climate is appropriate, allowing the beverage to gain complexity in its flavors, aromas, and texture. But make sure to keep the cork moist and notice whether sediment is formed in the bottle before decantation. So, whether you are aging your collections or simply enjoying an occasional sip, storing it properly will enhance the overall experience. 

Top Four Reasons Shared by a Wine Cellar Builder in Houston:

Here is why you can go shopping for the best home wine cellars but always store the bottle on its side. 

1. Prevent sedimentation

Prevent sedimentation

You are aware that wine bottles tend to form sediments with time and this is a natural process where the constituents separate from the liquid. But when too much sediment builds up inside the bottle, the wine looks cloudy or muddy. If you want to prevent sedimentation. Make sure the bottles are stored on the sides to allow the sediment to come to the top of the bottle and keep the wine safe. You can just decant it into another container before drinking the wine and leave the sediment behind. 

However, not all wines are to be stored on the sides, especially the younger ones as they are less likely to develop a sediment. If you buy a bottle for immediate consumption, you need not worry about storage. Storing the wine bottles on the sides is generally recommended to make sure that they are in peak condition for a long time. 

2. Keeping the bottles airtight

Keeping the bottles airtight

Before checking the collections of home wine cellars, ensure that wine bottles are stored on the side to keep the bottles airtight. With time, wine often evaporates, and the content tends to lose the fruity flavor, allowing it to turn into vinegar. 

You can slow down the possibility of evaluation by keeping the corks airtight, which can only be done when you store the wine bottles on the side. Are you worried about the glass bottles breaking easily when lying on the side? Well, it’s thick glass that does not break easily even when they fall onto its sides. The next time you go for buying a glass wine cellar, make sure the bottles are stored appropriately to comply with the quality during aging. 

3. Bottles with screw caps

Bottles with screw caps

For wine bottles with screw caps, there is no additional quality gain you may achieve by storing the bottle on the side. But there are a few other benefits that lie in store. If you store those bottles on the side, it will help you save a lot of space. Moreover, storing the bottles horizontally creates a brilliant display. Just make sure that the cellar has adequate storage to allow you to achieve a consistent look. Pulling out the bottle from the cellar is a lot easier when they lie with the corks on their sides. All you have got to do is pull out the bottle from the rack easily. Alternatively, you can also pick custom wine cabinets Houston for storing the bottles purposefully.

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4. Storing the open bottles

Storing the open bottles

Suppose you consume half a bottle and want to put it back in the cellar. Should you store the bottle on the side? Yes, indeed! Whether you need to keep it in a custom wine room Houston or in a customized rack created for a small space. Keeping it on the side will prevent the sediment to travel back to the bottom of the bottle. Disrupting its taste when you pour it again for consumption. You can also keep the bottle on the side when serving it to a guest as it allows the sediment to stay at the bottom instead of floating on the top. So, the guests might find it enjoyable to drink the wine. 

The best way to store the wine on its side is in a caller or on a rack specially designed for this purpose. Wine Cellars of Houston is the place where you get a blend of expertise and skills for designing home wine cellars that do the talking. Wine storage is a matter of finding the best conditions and the space. So get more creative ways of designing cellars and racks to ensure that there are no signs of spoilage.

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