How To Reupholster An Armchair

How To Reupholster An Armchair

If your armchair is looking a little tired, or if you just don’t have the time to take care of it like you should, it’s time to get it reupholstered. There are many different types of fabrics and threads that can be used to create a new look for your armchair, so read on for tips on how to go about it! This guide is Reupholster An Armchair.

What is reupholstery?

Reupholster is the process of restoring old furniture to its original condition. Often, old pieces are damaged by wear and tear, so a reupholster must take into account the piece’s original design and materials. Reupholster can be done on an armchair, couch, or any other piece of furniture.

Choose a Chair to Reupholster

Choosing a chair to reupholster can be a daunting task, but with a little information and guidance, it can be a simple and fun process. 

Before choosing which chair to reupholster, it is important to identify the type of cloth and construction of the chair. Armchairs typically use upholstery fabrics in either the cotton or linen category. Linen is usually a bit more expensive, but it is also softer and more delicate than cotton. 

Start at the Bottom

If you are considering reupholstering an armchair, it is important to start at the bottom. This way, you will be able to get a good idea of what the chair needs and what materials will work best for your project. First, make sure to clean the chair thoroughly. Next, measure the depth of the cloth that is currently covering the chair and find a comparable cloth in width and length. Once you have found a suitable fabric, cut it to size using a serge or zigzag stitch. Finally, layer the new cloth over the old cloth using a straight stitch or zigzag stitch.

Remove Exterior Frame

Removing the exterior frame of an armchair is a simple and cost-effective way to have the fabric reupholstered. This step can be done by removing the screws that hold the frame together and then pulling it away from the chair. The fabric can then be replaced with a new piece that’s tailored specifically to fit the armchair.

Remove Your Panels in Order – Bottom First

If you want to remove your panels in order to reupholster an armchair, start by removing the screws that hold the fabric in place. Next, unzip the seam that runs down the middle of each panel. Finally, lift each panel off of the chair and discard it.

Removing Cushion Buttons

Armchairs can often be furnished with a row of small, fabric-covered buttons down the side. These buttons provide a little extra cushioning when sitting in the armchair. However, over time these buttons can become uncomfortable and irritating to sit on. 

There are a few ways to remove these button cushions without having to take the armchair apart. One approach is to use a seam ripper or X-acto knife to cut through the cloth covering the buttons and then remove them. Another option is to use a seam sealer or hot glue gun to seal the openings where the buttons were located, then pull out the cloth covering them.

Cutting the New Pattern

There are different ways to reupholster an armchair, depending on the material and style of your chair. If you’re working with a fabric that is delicate or has a pattern, you may want to use a needle and thread to hold the cloth in place. For more rugged chairs, you can use staples or hot glue. You’ll also need some sort of padding or cushion to support the new cloth. Once you’ve completed your project, give it a test run and make any necessary adjustments before completing the entire job.


Piping is a great way to add a pop of color and life to any room in your home. It can also be used as a focal point in a room, or to tie together different sections.

Tuck in Your Fabric

If your armchair is looking a little grubby and tired, it’s time to give it a good clean and some Tuck in Your Fabric! This easy-to-follow guide will show you how to reupholster an armchair using old clothes or even donated fabric that you may have lying around. With just a little bit of patience and some help from the right supplies, your old armchair will be looking brand new again!

Make Your Cushion Cover

There are many ways to make your cushion cover. One way is to use a piece of fabric that is the same size as the cushion cover and sew it to the edge of the cushion cover. Another way is to buy a cushion cover and cut out a piece of fabric to fit it. You can also use an old pillowcase or an old shirt.

Don’t Give Up – Finish That Chair!

Don’t give up on your old armchair. There are a few simple steps you can take to make it look brand new again. First, remove the old cloth and foam padding. Next, choose a new cloth and foam padding that will match the chair’s original design and color. Finally, reattach the cloth and foam layers using special sewing techniques. With a little bit of effort, your old armchair will look like it just came off the factory floor!

The Different Types of Reupholstery

Some people might think of reupholstery as a job for the professionals, but that’s not always the case. There are many different types of reupholstery, and even more ways to do it. Here are eight different types of reupholstery and how you can do them yourself: 

The first type of reupholstery is called repair. This is where you just need to fix something that’s been damaged or worn out. You can do this by replacing the fabric, batting, or foam with new materials. 

The second type of reupholstery is called restoration. This is where you’re trying to restore an old piece of furniture to its original condition. You might need to replace the fabric, batting, or foam, but you also might want to add new padding or embellishments.


In conclusion,if your armchair is looking a bit tired or worn, give it a new look by reupholstering it with some of the materials and techniques outlined in this article. There are many different fabrics and styles to choose from, so be creative and have fun with your project!

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