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Custom Home Building Trends to Follow in 2022

According to a survey poll, about 90% of homeowners believe that switching to a custom home is an excellent option. So, you need not move back on the decision even if you are not financially robust for now. However, dramatic changes have taken place in the custom home building industry in recent years. The good thing is that the changes are primarily associated with the buyers’ preferences. So, building a custom dwelling place is the realm generating curiosity among the owner. If you have a solid plan of changing your house, find out what the future holds for the custom-building industry. Focus on whether people are expected to buy new homes or the property prices are going to leap.

Following are the top 9 custom home trends to follow in recent years. Use them as references which discussing with you Custom Home Builders in Vancouver, before stepping into this realm.

1. Two-storey family homes

Two-storey family homes

Construct a two-storey family house to add elegance and create the impression of oversized space. Not all double-storey places are big. If yours is not, an open floor plan may works wonders. These houses allow plenty of natural light to enter without hindrances and install large windows extending from the floor to the ceiling. Make sure the first and the second floors have similar windows.

2. Changed clientele

Custom Home Builder

Traditionally, only wealthy people seemed interested in the best luxury custom homes Vancouver but 2022 has witnessed a paradigm change. Today, you will find more young professionals keen to invest in houses with personalized concepts. The fact that they can building houses their way in reasonable locations is the way to go.

3. New location for properties

New location for properties

The people looking for buying custom houses are also keen to change their locations. All they need access to the internet and it is easier to get to anywhere you prefer.

4. Integration of automation and technology

The automation technology trends are on the rise and the next few years are to witness more meaningful benefits. With employees needing sound-proof home-office units, full-fledged gyms, and various other features, a custom home builder needs to incorporate automation and technology to meet the deadlines. Besides, technology is a must-have to tackle environmental regulations and the demand for making construction more cost-effective. Automation of tasks during construction is set to give your house building urge boost.

5. Eco homes and natural lights

The environment is going haywire across the globe and human construction needs to be more sustainable. So, the focus is on skylights and eco-friendly homes with gardens on either side of the building. The builders are into designing unique homes with modular and readymade bathrooms. The eco homes save a significant amount of time and money as well.

6. Bringing the outdoors inside

One of the best trends to follow when building custom homes is bringing the outdoors inside. The lockdown made people realize how important it is to connect with nature. So, customers today are more inclined to building houses that allow them to sneak into gardens and outdoor spaces. If you do not want to experience a huge difference between indoors and outdoors in your custom-made property, including features from the outdoors.

7. Climate-change architecture

The need for disaster-resilient houses is surging across the globe and Vancouver builders also realize it to the core. Hundreds of houses are prone to risks from natural calamities and the maximum risk comes from floods, wildfires, and earthquakes. The architecture of homes are gradually changing to cope with the climate.

8. Get healthy building materials

healthy building materials

The focus of builders is on constructing homes with healthy building materials. So, adhesives, sealants, drywall, and insulation containing toxic materials and pollutants have become the rage of the season. If you are planning to own custom home, you need to communicate with the building companies about the significance of healthy building materials.

9. Flexible room designs

Flexible rooms can be easily tweaked to meet various purposes and a lot is due to the pandemic. With flexible designs, you may get a lot of open spaces that allow changes to be included. Some examples are wall-mounted televisions, fold-out desks, and built-in Cupboards.

Whether you need a climate-change resilient house or smart technology, several elements may create a custom house. The home-building industry is also subject to sea changes with trends transforming due to supply and demand. The long-term prediction is the growth of sustainability but builders are striving to stay ahead of the trends somehow. Dramatic ceilings and an abundance of light are the features to choose to illuminate the space.

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