Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, and what better way to show your loved ones how much you care than by decorating your bedroom in a festive manner? Christmas bedroom decor ideas can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You can go with traditional Christmas decorations, or create a more unique look by using themed decorations. There are many different options available to you, so find something that will reflect your personal style and holiday spirit.

What are some great Christmas bedroom decor ideas?

What are some great Christmas bedroom decor ideas?

Looking for some great Christmas bedroom decor ideas? Here are a few to get you started: 

1. A Nativity set up with Bethlehem figurines, a crèche, and other Christmas toys.

2. Create a gingerbread kitchen with baking supplies, cookies, and candy canes decorating the walls and shelves.

3. Set up a tree in the corner of the room with ornaments representing all of your family members.

4. Paint ornaments or a tree to create a new look.

5. Designate one side of the room as a festive winter wonderland with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, icicles dangling from the walls, and presents hidden under beds or in closets. 

6. Display brightly colored Christmas lights throughout the room to add an extra touch of cheer.

7. Light up a few candles and set them around the room.

8. Add festive garlands, wreaths, or ribbons to doorways and furniture.

9. Collect seasonal decor from around the house and display it in jars or containers on shelves. 

10. Create handmade Christmas presents for friends and family members using holiday wrapping paper and ribbons.

Themes for a Christmas Bedroom: traditional, modern, festive, and cozy.

Themes for a Christmas Bedroom

Christmas is a time to be surrounded by loved ones and celebrate the spirit of giving. There are many different ways to celebrate Christmas, and each person’s style will be unique. Some people prefer a traditional Christmas bedroom with a fir tree in the corner and stockings hung on the chandelier, while others may go for something more modern with bold colors and patterns. For those who want to keep things festive but don’t want too much clutter, cozy themes are perfect.

Some popular themes include winter wonderlands, snowflakes, and elves. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a theme that fits your Christmas bedroom perfectly!  Whether you want to focus on traditional Christmas themes or go for a more modern look, there are many ways to make your bedroom feel festive and cozy at the same time. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

1. Choose a traditional Christmas theme for your bedroom. This could include a snow-covered forest or a Victorian-inspired room with lots of gingerbread houses and candles.

2. Go for a more modern look. This could include adding touches of gold and silver throughout your room, using bold prints, and adding pops of color with brightly lit bouquets of flower ornaments.

3. Mix things up by choosing one of the other popular Christmas decorating trends – like rustic farmhouses or whimsical Christmastime villages – and apply it to your bedroom instead.

Decorating a Christmas Bedroom with Flowers

Decorating a Christmas Bedroom with Flowers

When decorating a bedroom for the Christmas season, consider choosing plants and flowers that will add beauty and cheer to the space. Here are some tips on choosing the right plants and flowers for a bedroom: 

1. Consider which plants will work well in your room. Some plants may look good in one setting but not another, so it’s important to test them out before you buy them.

2. Choose plants with soft colors like pink or purple. These colors will blend well with most decors, and they’ll also help to calm emotions during the holiday season. 

3. Select flowers that have festive colors like red or green. These colors will add brightness and life to a dreary bedroom, making it feel more festive. 

4. Consider adding some small tree ornaments to the bedside tables or other areas of the room. These decorations can help create a cozy atmosphere in a small space. 

5. Go all out with an extravagant bouquet of Christmas flowers in every color! Use fresh plants or artificial ones to create realistic blooms.

6. Finally, choose flowering vines like ivy or bougainvillea.

Once you have determined which plants and flowers are right for your room, it is important to think about where they will be placed.

Adding Candles to Your Christmas Bedroom 

Adding Candles to Your Christmas Bedroom 

Adding candles to your Christmas bed is not just a decoration. There are different ways to do it, depending on what you want. You can either put votives in the corners or in the center of the bed or even place them on the headboard. Candles also make a great nightlight for children. Candles are a great addition to any bedroom. They can add a touch of romance, warmth, and comfort to your bedtime routine. Whether you’re adding them to the bed itself or placing them around the room, there are many different ways to do it. Here are some different ways to add candles to your bedroom: 

1. Start by picking out a few different types of candles to try. There are candles that smell like pumpkin, peppermint, or vanilla, and candles that have a light scent. Scented candles can be overwhelming in a small space, and scents can also travel through the air and into other rooms of the house. so find one or two that appeal to you and start burning them in your favorite room. Choose 

2. If you want to get really creative, consider using votives instead of individual candles. This way you can have several at once without having to refill the candle every few minutes.

3.  Hang votives from the ceiling: This is a fun and easy way to add candles to your bedroom without having to light them all individually. Just tie some festive ribbon around the votive holder and let the kids have at it! 

4.  Place votives on top of dressers: Not only do they look pretty in the bedroom, but votives placed on top of dressers can also serve as handy lamps when you need some extra light.

5.  Stick them in votives or holders on tables.

6. Place them in containers on nightstands or beds. 

7.  Use them in doorways and windowsills to create a warm glow.

Nativity Scene or other Religious Art in a Christmas Bedroom

Nativity Scene or other Religious Art in a Christmas Bedroom

When decorating for the Christmas season, many people choose to add a Nativity Scene or other religious art to their bedroom. This is a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages and has since become one of the most popular holiday decorations. This is not only a way to celebrate the holiday, but it can also be a way to show your faith.

There are many different types of Nativity Scenes available, so it is easy to find one that will fit into any bedroom. Some people opt for simpler scenes while others prefer more elaborate displays. Whatever choice you make, make sure that your scene is appropriate for your family’s religious beliefs and doesn’t clash with any other decorations in the room. Whichever you choose, make sure that it is properly taken care of so that it will last for years to come

Putting Up a Christmas Tree in a Bedroom

Putting Up a Christmas Tree in a Bedroom

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and of course, the festive tree. For many people, this means putting up a tree in their bedroom. But before you go out and buy the biggest, most expensive tree you can find, there are a few things you should know. Here are some tips on choosing the right tree and getting it set up in your bedroom: 

The first thing to consider is the size of your room. A small bedroom might not be able to accommodate a big tree, while a large bedroom might have enough space for something much smaller. Next, think about what kind of decor you want. If you’re going for a traditional Christmas look, then a pine or spruce tree is probably your best bet. If you’d like to go more contemporary, an artificial Christmas tree may be more of your style.

What colors should be used in a Christmas bedroom?

What colors should be used in a Christmas bedroom?

Choosing colors for a Christmas bedroom is always a challenge. You want to be festive, but not over the top. Bright colors are often used to make the room stand out, but they can also be too much. There are many different shades of each color, so you can find one that works best for your space. Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect colors for your bedroom: 

1. Gold is the perfect color for a Christmastime bedroom because it is both festive and timeless. Add gold curtains, a gold bedspread, and even gold accents on your furniture to really up the ante.

2. Silver may not be traditional for Christmas decorations, but it can add an elegant touch to any room. Add silver accents like silver pillows or lamps to create an air of sophistication.

3. Red: Joyful enthusiasm is the theme of red in Christmas decorations, so this color is perfect for a festive bedroom. A fiery hue would be perfect for a young child’s room, while a more muted version could be just the thing for an older child or adult.

4. Green: The natural color of leaves and greenery lends itself perfectly to Christmas decorations. Green is also the traditional color of money and prosperity, making it an ideal choice for a bedroom that will be used throughout the holiday season.

5. Orange is the perfect color for a Christmas bedroom because it’s festive and cheerful. It can be used as the main color or as an accent, depending on how you want to decorate your room. For a bolder look, try mixing orange with other bright colors like yellow or red. 

6. Turquoise blue is a great color for a masculine bedroom. It’s bright but not too flashy and it goes well with any decorating style.

7. A delicate baby pink can be a beautiful addition to any girl’s bedroom. It’s feminine without being too girly and it goes great with any type of bedding or decoration.

Trees and Wreaths

Trees and Wreaths

Looking for a festive way to decorate your bedroom for Christmas? Tree and wreath decorations are a great option! Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect tree and wreath for your bedroom: 

1. Consider the size of your tree. A small tree is ideal for a modest bedroom, while a large tree is better suited for a more lavish space. 

2. Choose a tree with colorful lights. Not only will they add cheer to your room, but they will also catch children’s eyes when they come into the room during the night. 

3. If you have limited space, consider opting for a pre-lit tree instead of buying separate lights. This will save you time and money.

4. Think about what kind of wreaths you would like to use.

5. Choose a theme or style for your wreath. You can go with traditional Christmas elements, such as holly and mistletoe, or you could try something more unique. If you’re not sure what to do, look at some inspiration online or in magazines.

6. Decide on the size and shape of your wreath. It should be big enough to cover the entire doorframe, but not too large that it takes up too much space on the wall. There are lots of different options out there, so feel free to go with whatever you prefer. Just be sure that the shape and size work well with the overall look of your room. 

Creative ways to display presents in the bedroom

Creative ways to display presents in the bedroom

Looking for creative ways to display presents in the bedroom? Check out these ideas! 

1. Use a large basket or container to store all of the presents together. This will allow you to see everything at once and make it easier to choose which present to open first.

2. Display a few different presents together on a small table or shelf. This will create a more visually appealing space and make it easier to grab a present when you need it.

3. Create a gallery wall by grouping different types of presents together on one side of the room. This will add visual interest and make it easier to find what you’re looking for when browsing through the gifts.

4. Hang wrapped presents from the ceiling using helpful pieces like garlands or curtain rods.

5. Place them on a bedside table with a festive candle or flower centerpiece.

6. Put them in a vase with fresh flowers and use a decorative mirror to frame the scene.

7. Arrange them in an elaborate bowl on the nightstand, filled with wrapped gifts and treats.

8. Create an elegant display by arranging small presents in clear glass jars or bowls with pretty ribbon ties.

9. Display mini-presents on a miniature tree or spruce stand, adding soft pillows and cozy blankets for added comfort. 

10. Set up a festive buffet with neatly arranged pouches of chocolates, candies, and party supplies.

Christmas Ideas for Your Bedroom Walls

Christmas Ideas for Your Bedroom Walls

If you’re looking for something to put on your bedroom wall that will truly make the space feel like a warm, cozy home, consider some of these ideas. 

1. One great option is to get a framed family photo or holiday card and hang it up on the wall. This will give you an instant reminder of all the good times spent with loved ones during the festive season.

2. Another great idea is to get a festive pillow or throw blanket and put it on the bed for guests to use when they come over. This will add some extra warmth and comfort to the room while they’re staying over.

 3. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, why not try creating a mosaic or collage using holiday-themed images and words?

 4. Choose a fun patterned wallpaper or border to complement your bedding. 

5. Think about adding a few bright Christmas symbols, like reindeer or snowflakes, to make the room feel festive. 

6. Create a Nativity scene with Bethlehem figurines, angel figurines, and lights. 

7. Add gingerbread houses made out of cake mix, frosting, and candy canes to spruce up your scene. 

8. Print out festive holiday graphics or photographs and hang them on the wall near your bed.

Towels, scarves, throw pillows, blankets…what can you add to the bedding?

Towels, scarves, throw pillows, blankets...what can you add to the bedding?

Adding a touch of Christmas cheer to your bedroom décor is easy with some festive bedding accessories. From towels and scarves to throw pillows and blankets, there are many ways to add a little extra warmth and holiday spirit to your bed. Here are eight ideas for adding some festive bedding accessories to your decor this season:

1. Towels can be used as floor mats, as rugs on the floor or in the bedroom, or even draped over furniture like a curtain. Add some brightly-colored towels to create an eye-catching focal point in your room.

2. Scarves can be wrapped around the headboard or around the whole bed for extra warmth. Choose a scarf in different colors and patterns to add interest and variety to your decor.

3. Add a blanket to your bed.  A cozy blanket is perfect for snuggling up during the cold nights ahead.

4. Arrange some throw pillows around the room in festive patterns. A fluffy pillow goes a long way in making any room feel more comfortable and inviting! 

Lights and Holiday Accessories

Lights and Holiday Accessories

Do you have a Christmas bedroom yet? If not, it’s time to start planning! Here are some ideas for holiday bedroom decor that will make your space festive: 

1. Add a garland or wreath around the room.

2. Set up a Christmas tree or several smaller ones.

3. Create a mantel with ornaments and candles.

4. Hang holiday decor including stockings, Santa Claus, and gingerbread houses. 

5. Install some special light displays like Hanukkah lights or glow-in-the-dark stars. 

6. String fairy lights around the room or use them as curtains for a special windowsill display. 

7. Place a cheerful Christmas tree in the corner of the room. You can even put up some tinsel and ornaments! 

8. Put on some festive music and dance around the room to get in the holiday spirit!

9. Add some soft blankets and pillows for comfort.



Do you need a little bit of Christmas cheer in your bedroom this year? Why not add some balloons to your decor? Balloons are a fun and easy way to add some festive flair to any room in your house. There are many different types of balloons that can be used for decorating, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Here are some ideas for using balloons in your bedroom: 

The first idea is to use them as part of a Christmas tree decoration. You can take several small balloons and tie them together with twine or yarn. Then, attach the twine or yarn to a branch or another piece of furniture in your room. This will create a cute little Christmas tree decoration that’ll bring the holiday spirit right to where you want it

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Christmas Table Centerpieces

Christmas Table Centerpieces

Looking for a creative way to dress up your bedroom this Christmas? Check out some of these festive table centerpieces! Whether you’re going for a traditional look or something a little more unique, these ideas will have you covered. 

1. Start with a set of simple Christmas tree ornaments. Add some garland and baubles to create a festive atmosphere and then place them on the bedside table or nightstand.

2. Arrange some seasonal flowers in vases or glass containers. Fill them with water and set them on the side table.

3. Consider using some fun window decorations like candy canes or gingerbread houses. These would be perfect for adding a little bit of whimsy to your room before bedtime.

4. Create an eclectic mix of holiday decor using pieces from your own home and those you find at thrift stores or secondhand shops.

Some ideas for how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas

Some ideas for how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate with your loved ones and decorate your bedroom to reflect this. Here are some ideas for how to decorate your bedroom for Christmas: 

1. Start with a festive bedspread or quilt. This can be something simple like a red and green plaid, or something more intricate with lace and sequins. 

2. Add some fun pillows to brighten up the decor. Find ones with Santa Claus, snowflakes, or holiday-themed prints. 

3. Get creative with your curtains! Hang brightly colored ones along the window for a festive feel, or go for neutrals like ivory or light blue for a more timeless look.

4. Bring in some decorative accents like pinecones, garlands, and wreaths. These can be hung from the ceiling or placed around the room as focal points. 

5. Decorate the room with colorful balloons and festive streamers.

6. Add a Nativity scene or other religious symbol to the bedside table.

7. Put up a Christmas tree in the room and add colorful ornaments.

8. Create a cozy, comfortable bedspread using fleece blankets and pillows.

9. Set up a small toy display for your children in one corner of the room.


If you’re like most people, your bedroom is probably one of the most personal spaces in your house. So it makes sense to put a lot of thought and effort into decorating it for Christmas. Here are some tips to help you get started: 

1. Start by choosing a theme or style that you want to follow. If you don’t have a specific idea, try looking at popular Christmas decor websites or Pinterest boards for inspiration. 

2. Choose decorations that will match the style of your room and complement the other pieces of furniture. For example, if your walls are painted light green, stick with holiday-themed decorations that are also green and yellow. 

3. Think about what items you already have in your bedroom and use them as inspiration for decoration ideas. For example, if you have a framed photo of your family atop your dresser. Consider using similar accents around the room such as garland ornaments. 

4. Choose pieces that will work together well and complement each other. This means that you don’t need an excessive amount of furniture ornaments since everything should fit within the general style of the room.

5. Utilize lots of soft fabrics and pillows to make the space feel cozy and inviting.


These are some great Christmas bedroom decor ideas that will help you get into the holiday spirit. Whether you’re looking for simple and affordable ideas or something more elaborate, there’s likely something here that will work well in your home. If you’re not sure where to start, consider using one of these easy tips to help you get started. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!

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