Septic Tank Maintenance – A Complete Guide

Every household and establishment needs a proper septic tank. The septic systems often need to be maintained, cleaned, and examined. The maintenance is not only from a sanitary viewpoint but also according to current legislation. This helps to minimize the risk of contamination and environmental damage.

The subversive wastewater treatment structures characteristically are utilized in rural areas that are deprived of main sewage systems. The septic tanks are different in urban locations where the wastes are treated and transferred to a central sewer system. This is managed by utility companies in the town. A typical septic tank has a sewage-disposal tank and a drain area that takes in the treated water. Each time you flush a toilet, turn on a tap or do cleaning, the waste along with the water moves right to the septic tank from your home. While the solid wastes go down the other wastes float, the  water goes into the septic tank, and an equal quantity of waste goes to the drain field. In this blog, we’ll discuss a complete guide on septic tank maintenance system

Septic System Maintenance

For the proper management of waste materials, maintaining a septic tank system is vital. A septic tank usually has a working life of 25 to 30 years after successful installation. Longer life expectancy with reliable sewage solutions can be expected with scheduled maintenance.

There are a few factors you should consider if you own a septic tank system:

  • Never pour harsh chemicals and grease down your drains. They contribute to blockages which are difficult to get rid of. 
  • A healthy bacterial balance is vital for your subversive wastewater treatment. Excessive use of cleaning chemicals damages that equilibrium. 
  • Proper traffic-free assembled structure should be maintained for drain fields. It is where filtered water is released. 
  • Always hire septic tank cleaning services to work on a septic tank. Their qualified team has the necessary tools that ensure healthy cleaning.
  • Never dare to enter a septic tank. The tanks might accumulate toxic gases which are hazardous and even fatal for you. 

Importance of Regular Emptying :

Emptying your septic tanks at regular intervals is essential. Not emptying the tank for a long time increases the chances of blockages. Unquestionably, the blockages lead to failure. When a septic tank failure occurs, it damages the local environment and an unpleasant odor takes over. Treating a failed septic tank is risky and expensive too. Thus, if you empty your tanks at regular intervals, you can prevent and protect the environment and your pocket as well. Also, never forget to seek professional help from service providers like Grease.

Warnings of Septic Tank Issues

Before your septic tank causes horrible damage, you should pick up the signs of unhealthy septic tanks. Identifying the problem at an early stage will help you do a proper cleaning. For the cleaning, of course, you need to hire professionals such as cleaning companies Kildare. Listed below are a few early warnings –

  • Sluggish Flushing: Sometimes partial blockages in the pipework slow down the draining of the toilets and sinks. This is a clear call for emptying your septic tank. 
  • Babbling Drains: There are times when your drain makes low babbling and gurgling sound. This happens especially when there is a high flow of water. This indicates a faulty tank or full tank. 
  • Smelly Sewage: No signs are more prominent than smelly sewage. However, this obvious sign is prominent at a later stage of overflowing sewage. Without the help of expert professionals fixing this is almost impossible. 
  • Greener Grass: Although “green grass” is a positive expression, in this case, it is a sign of danger. Usually, you are recommended to plant grass on your drain field. All of a sudden, if the grass seems greener, it suggests that there is a leakage or overflow which is providing excess nutrients. 
  • Sewer Backup: Undoubtedly the worst and most expensive sign is sewer backup. Honestly, it is when you would want to look for septic tank cleaning prices. Sewer backup suggests that there is no space in the tank for wastewater to go. This is when you must reduce water usage and immediately empty the tank.

Emptying a Septic Tank

If you have an active sewage system and have installed septic tanks, then you probably have access to experts. Cleaning or emptying the tanks is not possible without professional help. The professionals have specialized vehicles and equipment which ensure proper fixing of your septic tank.
The general rule of the thumb is to clean your domestic septic tank once every year. You can google septic tank emptying near me and get access to a wide range of service providers. Contact them as soon as you see any signs of an unhealthy septic tank and save yourself from any embracement.

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